Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh – UK :: Sanskriti : MahaShibir 2016 – Celebrating 50 Glorious Years in UK

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh – United Kingdom celebrates its glorious 50 years by organising a national Camp named as Sanskriti Maha Shibir – 2016, Heart Ford Foundation Counry Park, London.

RSS inspired HSS – UK which started its operations in 1966 in UK, is involved in a lot of socio – cultural activities which contributes to the social fabric of United Kingdom for all these 50 years. HSS is involved in Charity , Spiritual activities and many other Social activities which is always an inspiration for all.
HSS has got appreciation from PM Margaret Thacher to PM David Cameroon for its immense contribution in fostering the message of Universal Brotherhood (Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam) through social works and spiritual activities inspired from Sanathana Dharmma.
RSS Chief Sri. Mohanji Bhagavath inauguarated the Grand Natonal Sanskriti Maha Shibir 2016 of 3 days by ligtning the lamp. RSS Joint General Secratary Sri. Dathatreya Hosabale also marked his presence during the auspicious occasion and gave message to the participants. Almost 2400 participants (Shiksharthis) participating in the camp for 3 days pan across United Kingdom to celebrate its 50 years of existence and presence in the Social Forum of UK.
Many eminent personalities from UK wished HSS on its completion of 50 years.




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