Untouchability is the biggest blot on our society : Shri. Bhaiyyaji Joshi, RSS Sarkaryvah

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and Balasaheb Deoras both were  social reformers  who had worked  relentlessly for the betterment of society said Bhaiyyaji  Joshi, RSS Sarkarywah. He was delivering the speech on Samajik Samarasta  programme organized by Bharat Mangalam a Nagpur based organization.
India has unfolded the idea of universal welfare to the world.  Indian culture is a very ancient culture. People staying here are having divine power of social welfare but in history we have committed some social blunders which has laid to the problem of social imbalances. Unfortunately political class of our society have politicized the social issues for their vested interest .The have kept the issues burning and nurtured the social conflicts for the sake of vote banks politics But all of us in society must think beyond this petty issues of caste and traditions for the unification of society said Mr. Joshi.
He urged society to shed the caste based discrimination and asked society to treat each individual with respect. Today society  is going through a social paradox where identity politics has dominated the minds of individual.
Many social  reformers like Lokmantya Tilak, Mahatma Phule , Justice Ranade, Raja Rama Mohan Roy who had attacked on the bad practices of the society and had seminal contribution in the field of social awareness among the society. Many  leaders had worked   for society as one life one mission irrespective of ideological differences.
He said that Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar has given a way of living life not only to the weaker section but also to the whole world with his own example. The  efforts of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar  has strengthened the will power of  downtrodden and today  they are standing on their own feet in the society
In Bhagwat Geeta Lord Krishan said that the individual talent and qualities make the personality of an individual. Caste is not important.Our society must think beyond caste, ethnic identities and consider all the citizens as our brothers and sister of one family. Social discrimination is the biggest blot on our society and we all need to work for the social harmony for a healthy and secure society otherwise social discrimination would be detrimental for our Country.
For eradication of caste based discrimination and social injustice we need to make society aware about various issues and we have to search for its ultimate solution where we would be able to build the society where every individual will get equal chance and opportunity to grow and develop. We have to give helping hand  to the weaker section to bring them into the main steam development process for that we need United society and united patriotic and nationalist individuals who will shed the petty issues and would work for the betterment of society which will ultimately transform our  great nation.